Hello friends!

We have moved locations

We are now inside of Head Hunters Smoke Shop at 3101 N Stone Ave (at Delano and Stone)


Head Hunters Smoke Shop at 5846 E Speedway Blvd just east of Craycroft

We are expanding our blends

Keep your eye out for our new blends, Red Blend, Green Blend, and the newest, White Lightning - a blend of our White Borneo Maeng Da and Yellow Borneo Maeng Da 

Next year we plan to place new machines

We are looking to place an additional machine in Headhunter's Speedway location and then we are looking to expand to Phoenix, Florida, California, and New York City - if you give us a lead and we land a new spot for a vending machine there, we send you $500 cash!

Menu / Price List

Please email or call us with any questions you have friend :)